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  1. Haier 2.6 & 2.7 cu ft Mini Refrigerator

    Haier 2.6 & 2.7 cu ft Mini Refrigerator

    These Haier Mini refrigerator features a space-saving design with a spacious interior. It includes a full-width freezer compartment with ice cube tray and two full-width wire shelves. The door accommodates two-liter bottles, beverage and can storage along with a full-width shelf. This compact refrigerator is ideal for dorm rooms, offices, game rooms or home entertainment areas. It is designed with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to customize the interior temperature. These are a mixture of overstock & customer return items from a major retail store Learn More
  2. 2 Pallet of Appliances & Electronics Mix Merchandise

    2 Pallet of Appliances & Electronics Mix Merchandise

    PREMIUM PALLETS... They contain a lot more high-value merchandise including nice electronics and other high-ticket items that will help increase your profits drastically!!! 2 PALLETS FOR $750 ---> "MONSTER" DOUBLE PALLETS 8-ft TALL <--- SOME ITEMSS THAT MAY BE INCLUDED ARE ELECTRONICS,  SMALL APPLIANCES, GADGETS, MOBILITY ITEMS, CHANDELIERS, AUTO, SPORTING GOODS, TOYS, PET, BOXED FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS... ALL HIGH-TICKET ITEMS!! (PALLETS ARE NOT MANIFESTED - THAT IS WHY THE LOW PRICE) Learn More
  3. Wholesale Primo Water Dispense

    Wholesale Primo Water Dispense

    Assorted customer return water dispensers for home or office use. Packed 18 units per pallet. The majority of units are Primo branded while a small percentage may be Ragalta branded. Pallets come approximately 50% in box and 50% out of box. Due to the nature of customer returns, boxes will show signs of wear and having been previously opened. All units are customer returns, untested and sold as-is. Specifications for most coolers: Self-cleaning Bottom load No bottled H2O required Depending on the models included in each pallet, you may receive coolers that dispense only cold water, or a combination of hot and cold water. You may also receive cooler units that use 5 gallon water bottles, as well as units that tap into the water line without the use of water bottles. Items should be tested and in some cases repaired prior to resale. Learn More
  4. Haier Air Conditioner
  5. Haier washer and dryers

5 Item(s)

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